C-S-ARTS Cincinnati

March 18, 2015 Blog Posts 0 Comments

In the spirit of posting images of events after they have passed I thought I would share some photos of my C-S-Arts piece as it was in progress.  For all the details of the what the C-S-Arts program is all about please visit their website: http://www.csartscincinnati.org/ .  Briefly it is a community supported arts programs where individual artists are chosen to complete a limited edition of 50 works.  Below are images of my work as it developed through its multi-step process.  The completed work can be found on my homepage.

-Qin Dynasty burial warriors after being removed from plaster press mold-leatherhard

-pile of warriors after the bisque firing-IMG_0714

-warriors after glaze firing-



-The warriors after being shrink wrapped in a digitally printed version of my work Goods, Guns, & Germs