my visit to – Terrapin Paper Mill

April 28, 2015 Blog Posts 0 Comments

When I was part of the exhibit Pulp Art at the Carnegie I was fortunate enough to exhibit with and meet Margaret Rhein of Terrapin Paper Mill.  She was been making paper in Cincinnati for over 30 years.  Her knowledge base and passion for her craft is completely infectious.  So when she asked me to come by her studio – Terrapin Paper Mill – and learn a little bit of her technique while making paper with her I jumped at the chance.  Below are a few images I took from my day in her studio.  I unfortunately did not take many photos as my hands were usually plunged in cold, pulpy water.  If you would like to see more of Margaret’s work please visit her website:


-paper pulp sheet with inclusions on wool blankets, the calender is on top so when put into the paper press (in the background) the surface texture of the calender is transferred to the paper pulp sheet





-rubber place-mat used to apply texture to paper pulp sheet when put in the paper press